User Research, Insight & Strategy

We help you better understand your customers by using a variety of methods including interviews, field studies, surveys, focus groups and other research techniques.

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Usability Evaluation & Analysis

We assess existing systems, sites and tools to identify opportunities to better serve users and customers and improve overall performance by providing actionable recommendations.

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Interface Design & Information Architecture

We translate your goals, business objectives and user needs into compelling user experiences that are structurally sound and easy to use. This include site maps, user flows, wireframing and page layouts and interaction design.

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Since 1993

Red Moon Interactive

Is a user experience design and interactive marketing consultancy that partners with talented resources to provide a complete range of user-centered design consulting services to large and mid-sized companies along with services designed to help small companies and start-ups.

We help you understand your customers, increase usability, enhance the user experience and drive optimization and return on investment through user-centered design activities.  Our approach to business and interface design involves the melding of rigorous methodology with insightful analysis strategies to ensure usable systems that meet the needs of both users and clients in a variety of industries. We tailor and scale our offerings to meet the needs of any size project and budget.


Why Choose Us...

We have deep experience and are extremely passionate about delivering solutions that simplify complex processes, engage users and solve business issues.

Our philosophy is simple: provide exceptional customer service, strive to exceed your goals and expectations and foster long-term relationships.